Moms for Play To WIn

Moms for Play to Win" is an organized group of women that support and assist with the production of the new children's feature-length film "Play To Win". The group shares in a united vision for a healthier nation of children and encourages the idea of children playing outdoors, consuming healthier foods and drinking lots of water. Their sole mission is to assist with the production and marketing of "Play of Win" by volunteering their time to do the following:

01Help to raise the necessary finances for the production of "Play To Win"

02 Seek the written support from celebrities, public figures, and political leaders who support the making of "Play To Win" and share in their vision for a healthier nation of children.

03 Develop the "Play To Win Fitness Tour" a series of special events promoting and marketing the film "Play To Win" and a healthier nation of children.

04 Assist on and off the set of "Play To Win" with location scouting, travel, wardrobe organization, medical assistance, food and beverage spread, and set crowd control and safety.